Thursday, June 25, 2009

Solar Hot Water Heaters

The Glen Rock Apartments in Asheville, North Carolina will utilize solar hot water panel technology by incorporating at least 63 panels onto the roof. Each one of these panels will heat a 40 gallon water tank. By our estimations, this will be the largest solar hot water panel application in Western North Carolina to date.

"Surprising as it may seem, analysts believe that the annual total CO2 produced by residential water heaters throughout North America is roughly equal to that produced by all of the cars and light trucks driving around the continent." - Larry West,

By going solar, the Glen Rock Apartments will not only reduce CO2 emissions, it will help to save on energy costs. Despite the initial cost difference of these systems, solar hot water heaters typically pay for themselves in 4-8 years. Tax credits are also offered in many locations, encouraging people everywhere to consider more environmental alternatives to everyday energy consumption.

Solar Hot Water Heater Explanation- U.S. Department of Energy

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